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Achievements under diverse, sometimes impossible conditions

Volume 14, Issue 2

September, 2008

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Robertson, R. (2008). Achievements under diverse, sometimes impossible conditions. Pacific Journalism Review, 14(2): 218-226. Review of Media and Development: Issues and Challenges in the Pacific Islands, edited by Shailendra Singh Biman C. Prasad. Suva and Auckland: Fiji Institute of Applied Studies and Pacific Media Centre (AUT), 2008, xii + 326pp, ISBN 978-982-301031-1 and 978-1-877314-63-3. & Review of South Pacific Islands Communication: Regional Perspectives, Local Issues, edited by Evangelia Papoutsaki and Usha Sundar Harris. Singapore, Suva and Auckland: Asian Media Information & Communication Centre, Nanyan Technological University; University of the South Pacific; and Pacific Media Centre (AUT), 2008, xi + 288pp, ISBN 978-981-4136-08-2 and 978-1-877314-68-1.
Author(s): Robbie Robertson
Reviewed books edited by Shailendra Singh, Biman C. Prasad & Evangelia Papoutsaki, Usha Sundar Harris.
Publication date: 
October, 2008

What is the role of the media within society? Does that role differ within developing countries (DCs)? Are dichotomous representations of societies and their media viable? These are just some of the questions thrown up by two very challenging collections for articles on the state of journalism in the Pacific Islands.