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The case for Pacific media reform to reflect island communities

Volume 11, Issue 1

April, 2005

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Moala, Kalafi (2005). The case for Pacific media reform to reflect island communities. Pacific Journalism Review, 11(1): 26-35.
Author(s): Kalafi Moala
Publication date: 
April, 2005

"The largest number of Tongans outside of Tonga lives in the United States. It is estimated to be more than 70,000; most live in the San Francisco Bay Area. On several occasions during two visits to the US by my wife and I during 2004, we met workers who operate the only daily Tongan language radio programmes in San Francisco. Our organisation supplies the daily news broadcast for their programmes. Our newspapers— in the Tongan and Samoan languages— also sell in the area. The question of what are the fundamental roles of the media came up in one of our discussions..."