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Challenging the critical impact of the internet

Volume 17, Issue 1

May, 2011

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Cokley, J. (2011). Challenging the critical impact of the internet. Pacific Journalism Review, 17(1): 238-241. Review of New Media, Old news: Journalism and Democracy in the Digital Age, edited by Natalie Fenton. London: Sage. 2009, 220 pp. ISBN 978-1-847875-74-7
Author(s): John Cokley
Reviewed book by: Natalie Fenton
Publication date: 
May, 2011

"There are many in journalism, in both the academy and in practice, who on reading New Media, Old News, will shout, 'See, I told you so!' because the conclusions can be used to back up a very institutional, traditionalist approach to our profession. For me, as a researcher who teaches and continues to practise reporting and editing, this book is a difficult dish, rather challenging and exciting but—like my first Périgord black truffle— just a little dissapointing..."