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Contradiction, paradox and ambiguity

International Journalism book cover

Volume 18, Issue 2

October, 2012

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Bromley, M. (2012). Contradiction, paradox and ambiguity. Pacific Journalism Review, 18(2): 196-198. Review of International Journalism, by Kevin Williams. London: Sage. 2011, 205 pp. ISBN 9781412 945288
Author(s): Michael Bromley
Reviewed book by Kevin Williams
Publication date: 
October, 2012

The term ‘international news’ is illustrative of the conflicted nature of journalism. At one and the same time it is well understood and meaningful—and anachronistic in a global era. There is a tendency in many quarters to shy away from addressing an inherent instability in journalism, and instead bemoan the demise of the foreign correspondent, the symbolic ‘man [invariably a man] in gray flannel’ (Cohen, 1963, p. 17) who determined what was worth knowing about the world: a highly-privileged élite among élites. The expiration of the legend can be posited as the demise of journalism writ large.