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A cooperative future

Volume 13, Issue 1

March, 2007

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Richards, I., and Robie, D. (2007). A cooperative future [Editorial]. 13(1): 5-7.
Author(s): Ian Richards, David Robie
Publication date: 
April, 2007

WELCOME to the first issue of Pacific Journalism Review to be jointly edited by the editors of PJR and Australian Journalism Review. The trigger for this cooperative editorial venture was the major conference held in Auckland in December 2006, involving the Journalism Education Association of New Zealand (JEANZ) and Australia’s Journalism Education Association (JEA). Anyone who has been to New Zealand will appreciate that it is an excellent destination for a conference, and that Auckland is a beautiful part of New Zealand in which to locate it. Titled ‘Journalism Downunder: The future of the media in the digital age’, the conference was hosted (and very well organised) by AUT University in Auckland. It produced a high standard of trans-Tasman discussion and debate, in the process drawing attention to our many areas of common interest and few points of difference.