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Fiji Media Bill: Not so much sinister as plain amateurish

Volume 9, Issue 1

September, 2003

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Naidu, R. (2003). Fiji Media Bill: Not so much sinister as plain amateurish. Pacific Journalism Review, 9(1): 156-159.
Author(s): Richard Naidu
Publication date: 
September, 2003

"The thing about governments everywhere, and ours is no exception, is that they cannot imagine how anything an work without them. So they pass legislation to control things in belief that if there legislation, everything will get better. Sometimes things do get better; sometimes they get worse; often the legislation is simply harmless (though pointless and expensive and rewarding for lawyers). However when the 'let's control everything' mentality is applied to something as important as the news media, the potential for abuse becomes serious."