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Freedom of information – Challenges and the way forward

Volume 16, Issue 2

October, 2010

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Manek, C. (2010). Freedom of information – Challenges and the way forward. Pacific Journalism Review, 16(2): 56-61.
UNESCO WPFD: Media Freedom in Oceania
Author(s): Cronox Manek
Publication date: 
October, 2010

Commentary: While the media has demonstrated that it can cover global and governance issues, it neglects the potential to be a responsible partner, especially in developing countries such as Papua New Guinea and to an extent the Pacific. However, this partnership can be strengthened with the media industry and government departments and agencies working to improve their ability to work with each to achieve social, economical and political mileage. Freedom of information and a free media is about upholding the freedom we currently enjoy in a democratic society, as it is about our freedom to express ourselves and be informed appropriately and responsibly.