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A fresh take on journalism authority

Citizen Witnessing

Volume 19, Issue 2

October, 2013

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Rupar, Verica .(2013). A fresh take on journalism authority. Pacific Journalism Review, 19(2): 243-245. Review of Citizen Witnessing, Stuart Allan. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, 2013, 253 pp. ISBN-13; 978-0-7456-5195-8
Author(s): Verica Rupar
Reviewed book by Stuart Allan
Publication date: 
October, 2013

The implications of the internet for journalism practice have been widely explored in journalism studies scholarship, and interest in new forms of digital journalism practice has outgrown interest in the analysis of traditional forms of news production. It has been some time since journalists lost their exclusive right in deciding what publics see, hear and read. In a digital environment, information is no longer scarce or hard to produce. Having a smart phone easily opens a door to publishing and the potential of new technologies to create a situation where everybody could be a journalist seems endless.