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Frozen in time? Not so likely in tropical Fiji TV

Volume 7, Issue 1

August, 2001

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Ali, N. (2001). Frozen in time? Not so likely in tropical Fiji TV. Pacific Journalism Review, 7(1): 183-184. Review of Fiji Waves, produced/directed by Natalie Gouin. Canadian television documentary, 57min, 2001. Montreal, Quebec.
Author(s): Noora Ali
Reviewed documentary directed by Natalie Gouin
Publication date: 
September, 2001

Fiji Waves starts with a moving glimpse of Fiji. But it isn't meant for Fijians. In fact, the almost hour long documentary shot in Fiji in late 1999 is meant to enlighten those that live in the "first world"— Canadian viewers. The major and most interesting part of the documentary deals with how globalisation, modernisation, new imperialism is affecting the minds, lifestyle and culture of people who live in Fiji with the introduction of television.