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A geo-political review of education for journalists

Volume 15, Issue 2

October, 2009

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Bromley, M. (2009). A geo-political review of education for journalists. Pacific Journalism Review, 15(2): 224-226. Review of Media Education in Asia, edited by Chi-Kim Cheung. Heidelberg: Springer, 2009, 239 pp. ISBN 9781402095283.
Author(s): Michael Bromley
Reviewed book edited by Chi-Kim Cheung
Publication date: 
October, 2009

It is almost axiomatic in university journalism programmes everywhere that students embark on their tertiary studies unprepared by their schooling at secondary level. Learning in school is viewed, at one level, as being either inadequate (even non-existent) or muddle-head-ed, and, at another level, as deliberately subversive of the journalism project. As journalism programmes have grown in popularity, this tension, which could once be dismissed as marginal, has assumed greater importance as illustrative of the contemporary dilemma of negotiating a place for education in the facilitation of media literacy.