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A global evolution in risk reporting

Volume 16, Issue 1

May, 2010

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Davies, K. (2010). A global evolution in risk reporting. Pacific Journalism Review, 16(1): 216-218. Review of International News Reporting: Frontlines and Deadlines, edited by John Owen and Heather Purdey. London: Wiley Blackwell, 2008, 280 pp. ISBN 978-140-5160-38-4.
Author(s): Kayt Davies
Publication date: 
May, 2010

Looking around a lecture theatre of students majoring in journalism in an Australian university, it may seem fair enough to ask how important it is to teach them about war reporting. How many of these music, fashion and sport-inspired kids are going to find themselves on a frontline? Reading through Owen and Purdy;s book two rationales emerge. The first is that the era of battle-weary foreign correspondents is waning. The second is that the book brings home importance of our profession's reputation for being unbiased.