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'Impartial'? No, this is a tribute to a people's suffering

Volume 15, Issue 2

October, 2009

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Robie, D. (2009). 'Impartial'? No, this is a tribute to a people's suffering. Pacific Journalism Review, 15(2): 230-234. Review of A People War: Images of the Nepal conflict 1996-2006, edited by Kunda Dixit. Kathmandu: Publication Nepa-laya, 2007, 215 pp. ISBN 9994620851.
Author(s): David Robie
Reviewed book edited by Kunda Dixit.
Publication date: 
October, 2009

Kunda Dixit is a remarkable journalist innovator. He has been one of the visionary writers who have beeen able to make sense of development journalism and development communication theory and translate this into practice. A decade before this book, his Dateline.Earth: (1996) became a sought after classic and should be in every South Pacific newsroom (but is actually in very few).