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Independent news champion of the developing world

Volume 2, Issue 1

November, 1995

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Robie, D. (1995). Independent news champion of the developing world. Pacific Journalism Review, 2(1): 161-163. Review of News on a Knife-edge: Gemini Journalism and a Global Agenda by Richard Bourne. London: John Libbey.
Author(s): David Robie
Publication date: 
November, 1995

Book review of News on a knife-edge by Richard Bourne.

'Biafra is dying bloodily and terror stricken. The triumphant Nigerian Army is advancing into the chaotic heart of General Ojukwu's breakaway country. The demoralised Biafran Army has been stunned by the blitz-krieg onslaught mounted by the Federal forces and now offering little resistance and feeling.'