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Insight into an outstanding journalist

Volume 14, Issue 1

March, 2008

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Hollings, J. (2008). Insight into an outstanding journalist. Pacific Journalism Review, 14(1): 214-218. Review of Louise Nicholas: My story, by Louise Nicholas and Philip Kitchen, Auckland: Random House, 2007, 244 pp. ISBN 978186941973
Author(s): James Hollings
Reviewed book by: Louise Nicholas and Philip Kitchin
Publication date: 
April, 2008

The Louise Nicholas case has probably generated more gossip, discussion and talkback vitriol than just about any other court case in the past 15 years. The harrowing saga of abuse of a teenage girl by a ring of serving police officers seems to have polarised people into the 'she was a victim' and the 'she could have said no' camps and will probably become one of those seminal stories- such as that which led to the 1987 cervical cancer inquiry-that makes us question values we as a country hold dear.