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Introduction: Media accountability

Volume 11, Issue 2

September, 2005

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Bertrand, C-J. (2005). Introduction: Media accountability. Pacific Journalism Review: 11(2): 5-16.
Author(s): Claude-Jean Bertrand
Publication date: 
September, 2005

The sole aim of media is to make as much money as they can. Or again, the media are to serve only the people in power, political or economic. If you agree to that, you might as well stop reading this. This issue of Pacific Journalism Review is predicated on the principle that media should serve the public. Journalists can only achieve that if they enjoy independence from financial and political pressures. It is not often enough underlined that they cannot enjoy that independence without the support of the public, the masses of voters and consumers. There is no way the profession can obtain public support unless it listens to readers/listeners/viewers— unless it is accountable to them.