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Media and global conflict: An International Crisis Group case study

Volume 13, Issue 2

September, 2007

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Duffield, L. (2007). Media and global conflict: An International Crisis Group study. Pacific Journalism Review, 13(2): 113-138.
Author(s): Lee Duffield
Publication date: 
September, 2007

The Pacific region is part of a larger world, far from being as isolated from centres of global power as a glance at the map might imply, but instead caught up in a web of multilateral relations with binding effects on its future progress and prosperity. This article considers such connections, in regard to both governmental and non-governmental agencies, referring in particular to the proliferation of highly influential non-governmental organisations in the region, as in the world at large. It treats the European Union handling of the December 2006 Fijian coup d'état and its aftermath as a case study in government-to-government relations, and it provides secondly a detailed case study on the operations of one outstanding example of a non-governmental organisation, the International Crisis Group.