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Media hypocrisy

Volume 1, Issue 1

November, 1994

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Robie, D. (1994). Media hypocrisy on East Timor. Pacific Journalism Review, (1(1): 97-98. Review of A Critical View of Western Journalism and Scholarship on East Timor, by Geoffrey Gunn, Manila: Journal of Contemporary Asia Publishers, 1994. 272 pp. K10.
Author(s): David Robie
Publication date: 
November, 1994

Shortly after the Dili massacre in November 1991, I was paid a 'kill' fee by one of New Zealand's largest dailies rather than publish a detailed account of the circumstances leading up to the massacre and an exposure of the Indonesian lies and distortions. The full-page broadsheet article had already been set up in type and laid out when it was 'pulled' from the paper. A New Zealander was among those who were brutally murdered by Indonesian troops that tragic day.