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Moving on from the 'coups and quakes' mode

Volume 16, Issue 2

October, 2010

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Bromley, M. (2010). Moving on from the 'coups and quakes' mode. Pacific Journalism Review, 16(2): 214-216. Review of After the Tsunami: Crisis Communication in Finland and Sweden, edited by Ullamaija Kivikuru and Lars Nord. Gothenberg: Nordicom, University of Gothenberg, Sweden, 2009, 219 pp. ISBN 978-91-89471-85-6.
Author(s): Michael Bromley
Reviewed book by Ullamaija Kivikuru and Lars Nord
Publication date: 
October, 2010

This collection of essays is primarily focused, as the sub-title of the volume indicates, on crisis communication in two specific countries; but it is inherent in the nature of the events of Decemeber 2004 that they defy such reductionism. Sweden and Finland provide a starting-point, rather than an end-point, for the analyses simply because although they were 'geographically non-impacted countries' (that is, the tsunami did not occur in either), the consequence for both were huge.