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Not the perfect solution, but at least some hope

Volume 12, Issue 1

April, 2006

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Cass, P. (2006). Not the perfect solution, but at least some hope. Pacific Journalism Review, 12(1): 176-182. Review of Al-Jazeera: How Arab TV News Challenged the World, by Hugh Miles. London: Abacus, 2005. The Al Jazeera Phenomenon, by Mohamed Zayani (ed). London: Pluto Press, 2005.
Author(s): Philip Cass
Reviewed books by Hugh Miles; and Mohamed Zayani
Publication date: 
April, 2006

At the begining of this century, the Israeli author David Grossman wrote: In the impossible relationships that exist in the Middle east each competing idealology has for years appeaered to suffer from almost complete blindnesss to reality's complexity. Each is certain that the other is not telling the truth (Grossman, 2001).

One of the hopes attached to Al Jazeera is that it will introduce a level of objective, rational debate to Middle East and help the different sides see more clearly what needs to be done.