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NOTED: Dreaded word culture 'like a newsroom hand grenade'

Volume 12, Issue 1

April, 2006

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Mulrennan, D., & Robie, D. (2006). NOTED: Dreaded word culture 'like a newsroom hand grenade'. Pacific Journalism Review, 12(1): 190-194. Review of Silenced: International Journalists Expose Media Censorship, edited by David Dadge. New York. Prometheus Books, 2005. The Electronic Reporter, by Barbara Alysen (2nd dn.). Sydney: Univesrity of New South Wales Press. 2006. Hard News: The scandals at The New York Times and their meeting Meaning for American Media. by Seth Mnookin. New York: Random House. 2005.
Author(s): Danni Mulrennan, David Robie
Reviewed books by David Dadge; Barbara Alysen; and Seth Mnookin
Publication date: 
April, 2006

They try everything, to gnaw at us, to drain us,' said the Haitaian broadcst journalist Jean Dominique. He was an enormously popular 'Mr truth' to his grassroots listeners. 'It's been going on for 50 years, and why should it stop? 'They can still try to crush us; to machinegun us; to ignore, slander bully and seduce is; to deflate, empty and distort us.'