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Noted: Dual purpose resource for media freedom

Volume 13, Issue 1

March, 2007

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Pearson, M. (2007). Dual purpose resource for media freedom. Pacific Journalism Review, 13(1): 216-217. Review of Freedom of the Press 2006: A global survey of Media Independence, edited by Karin Deutsch Karlekar. New York: Freedom House, 2006. 272pp. ISBN 9780742554368.
Author(s): Mark Pearson
Reviewed book edited by: Karin Deutsch Karlekar
Publication date: 
April, 2007

"Just how many surveys of the world press freedom do we need? One view is that there can never be enough because, every time Freedom House, Reporters San Frontiéres, the International Federation of Journalists or the Committee to Protect Journalists  releases one, the message of media freedom is disseminated. Of course, the counter argument is that the same message loses its impact when so many competing non-governmental organisations announce their various lists derived form different formulae..."