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Noted: Getting media up to speed on Melanesian land issues

Volume 16, Issue 2

October, 2010

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Papoutsaki, E. (2010). Getting media up to speed on Melanesian land issues. Pacific Journalism Review, 16(2): 224-226. Review of In Defence of Melanesian Customary land, edited by Tim Anderson and Gary Lee. Sydney: AID/WATCH, 2010, pp. 44. ISBN:978-0-646532-37-0. Defending Melanesian Land, directed by Tim Anderson. Short film: Sausi-Village cooperation. DVD, AID/Watch: Sydney.
Author(s): Evangelia Papoutsaki
Reviewed book by Tim Anderson and Gary Lee
Publication date: 
October, 2010

This publication, with its accomanying video produced by AID/WATCH, seeks to address some of these misunderstandings and correct some of the misinformation promoted by these investment groups, whose aim to acquire cheap land creates lobbying groups that pressure island governments to introduce new legislation that undermines indigenous rights.