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Noted: Pacific climate change doco lacks ‘media impact’

The Hungry Tide cover

Volume 19, Issue 1

May, 2013

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Korauaba, Taberannang. (2013). Pacific climate change doco lacks ‘media impact’. Pacific Journalism Review, 19(1): 306-307. Review of The Hungry Tide, documentary produced, directed and written by Tom Zubrycki. 2011. 88min. I-Kiribati with English subtitles. thehungrytide.
Author(s): Taberannang Korauaba
Reviewed documentary directed and written by Tom Zubrycki
Publication date: 
May, 2013

"On the night the The Hungry Tide was screened on Māori Television in New Zealand, our family was having a farewell party for our relatives returning to Kiribati the next day. We sat cross-legged on a mat in a circle while women prepared meals for everyone... of course our family members were going to watch the 'movie' rather than a documentary. They were going to re-connect their memories of Kiribati through this film. Not suprisingly, climate change and sea level rise are already a disaster on the minds of these people."