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Obituary: A guerrilla and a one-man band

Mark Worth - by Ben Bohane

Volume 10, Issue 1

April, 2004

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Bohane, B. (2004). A guerrilla and a one-man band. [Obituary]. Pacific Journalism Review, 10(1): 201-206.
Mark Worth, documentary filmmaker and journalist, 1958-2004
Author(s): Ben Bohane
Publication date: 
April, 2004

In the coastal village of Abepura in West Papua, one of Australia and the Pacific’s great underground artists was recently laid to rest. His name was Mark Worth, although he went by a variety of nicknames, including Kurtz, Captain Kino, Captain Kaos and, affectionately, ‘Worthy’. Worth, who died of pneumonia at 45, was one of Australia’s finest frontier cameramen. He aspired to the pantheon of great Australian documentary filmmakers and conflict cameramen – Frank Hurley, Damien Parer and Neil Davis – and his contemporary peers included Dennis O’Rourke, Bob Connelly, Mark Davis and David Brill.

Pictured: Mark Worth / Ben Bohane