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Obituary: A hard-nosed, hard-case ‘scoop king’

Warren Berryman

Volume 10, Issue 1

April, 2004

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Stephenson, J. (2004). A hard-nosed, hard-case ‘scoop king’: Warren Berryman, investigative journalist and publisher, 1939-2004. [Obituary]. Pacific Journalism Review, 10(1): 207-213.
Warren Berryman, investigative journalist and publisher, 1939-2004
Author(s): Jon Stephenson
Publication date: 
April, 2004

The death of Warren Berryman, founder and managing editor of The Independent Business Weekly, marks the end of an era in New Zealand journalism. Renowned as a gutsy, no-nonsense journo and ‘the consummate nosy bastard’, he pioneered investigative reporting in this country and earned respect from friend and foe alike.

Pictured: Jenni McManus and Warren Berryman/John McDermott/Metro