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Optimistic view of the Pacific's Fourth Estate and education

Volume 11, Issue 1

April, 2005

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Riddle, C. (2005). Optimistic view of the Pacific's Fourth Estate and education. Pacific Journalism Review, 11(1): 202-204. Review of Mekim Nius: South Pacific media, politics and education, by David Robie. Suva: University of the South Pacific Book Centre; Auckland: Auckland University of Technology/South Pacific Books, 2004.
Author(s): Charles Riddle
Reviewed book by David Robie
Publication date: 
April, 2005

At its core, Mekim Nius argues a clear position university level education is central to the health of South Pacific journalism and its democracies. To do this Robie is ambitious with the book's scope, declaring three broad aims: a study of the critical influence of teritary education on Pacific journalists and their profession; an analysis of the political, economic and legal frameworks in which Fiji and PNG journalists have operated since; and outline of the development of journalism education in the South Pacific.