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Panel discussion—investigative case studies

Volume 18, Issue 1

May, 2012

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Vatsikopoulos, Helen., Baker, Richard., McKenzie, Nick., Spencer, Sue., Welch, Dylan., and Besser, Linton. (2012). Panel discussion—investigative case studies. Pacific Journalism Review, 18(1): 30-45.
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Author(s): Helen Vatsikopoulous
Publication date: 
May, 2012

The transcript of a panel discussion on two Australian investigative journalism case studies, moderated by Helen Vatsikopoulos: 1. Dirty Money: The Age and ABC Four Corners investigations in 2009 and 2010 into the Federal Reserve Bank and the allegedly corrupt activities of some staff of a subsidiary company, Securency—Richard Baker, Nick McKenzie and Sue Spencer; 2. Crime Does Pay: a Sydney Morning Herald investigation into how the law enforcement agency NSW Crime Commission has been sharing the proceeds of crime with organised crime figures, cutting deals that allow them to walk away with millions of dollars—Dylan Welch, Linton Besser.