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People's voices enliven BSA fairness report

Volume 13, Issue 1

March, 2007

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Boyd-Bell, S. (2007). People's voices enliven BSA fairness report. Pacific Journalism Review, 13(1): 214-215. Review of Freedoms and Fetters: Broadcasting Standards in New Zealand. Wellington: Broadcasting Standards Authority; dunmore publishing Ltd, 2006. 152pp. ISBN: 1877399124.
Author(s): Susan Boyd-Bell
Reviewed book by: Broadcasting Standards Authority
Publication date: 
April, 2007

Findings from several focus groups were also used to help design an AC Nielsen questionaire, conducted in May and June of that year, among 500 people. The questions primarily focused on balance, fairness, accuracy and good taste and decency in New Zealand radio and television programmes. As the introduction notes, (p.15), every few years since its conception in 1989, the Broadcasting Standards Authority has surveyed New Zealanders on their attitudes towards various broadcasting standards. This book continues the BSA research last published as Monitoring Community Attitudes in Changing Mediascapes (Dickinson et al., 2000).