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Post-colonial options in media conversations

Volume 11, Issue 1

April, 2005

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Spoonley, P. (2005). Post-colonial options in media conversations. Pacific Journalism Review, 11(1): 8-12.
The indigenous public sphere
Author(s): Paul Spoonley
Publication date: 
April, 2005

For those of you who might who might be intersted in re-conceptulising the way in which New Zealand might become Aotearoa, one of the ongoing frustrations is the limitations of the media in relation to post-colonial discussions. The 1980s were characterised by a contradictory set of changes in the remaking of New Zealand. The conservation of econmoic deregulation and re-regulation was accompagnied by a significant re-ordering of identity. A particularly significant debate concerned national and indigenous identity and an emergent post-colonialism, or in During (1985) terms, coming to know New Zealand in our terms, not those which originated with a colonial power.