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Powerful Fiji doco shocks on urban poverty

Volume 13, Issue 2

September, 2007

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Singh, Shailendra. (2007). Powerful Fiji doco shocks on urban poverty. Pacific Journalism Review, 13(2): 203-206. Review of Struggling for a Better Living: Squatters in Fiji. Directed by Larry Thomas. Suva: Citizens Constitutional Forum with the Ecumenical Centre for Education, Research and Advocacy, 2007. 55min. Distributed by the University of the South Pacific Book Centre.
Author(s): Shailendra Singh
Reviewed documentary by: Larry Thomas
Publication date: 
September, 2007

"Fiji's squatter population was on the recieving end of some uncomplimentary comments during 2006. The then State Minister for Housing, Adi Asenaca Caucau, likend them to 'thieves because they lived illegally on someone else's land'. She urged police to make 'every effort to round up and remove' them. Reporters in Fiji are guaranteed a lively quote or two when Caucau opens her moutn. She one liked Indo-Fijians to weeds waking up too much space..."