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Quandry over contrasting ethics texts

Volume 11, Issue 2

September, 2005

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Pearson, M. (2005), Quandry over contrasting ethics texts. Pacific Journalism Review, 11(2): 239-241. Review of Journalism Ethics: Arguments and Cases, by Martin Hirst and Roger Patching. South Melbourne: Oxford University Press. Quagmires and Quandaries: Exploring Journalism Ethics, by Ian Richards. Sydney: UNSW Press.
Author(s): Mark Pearson
Reviewed book by Martin Hirst, Roger Patching; and Ian Richards
Publication date: 
September, 2005

" I have sought advice from both texts on this kind of delimma: journalists allowing personal allegiances to influence them in the course of their duty. Richard points to the flaws in Australian MEAA Code of Ethics' clause 4 which stipulates journalists should not allow 'personal interest or any belief, commitment, payment, gift or benefit; to undermine their accuracy, fairness or independence..Hirst and Patching make much of an 'ethical fault line' metaphore throughout their text and refer to objectvity as 'one of the most volatile fault lines in the ideology of reports..."