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REVIEW: How Fijians served Britain’s Army

212 Soldiers

Volume 25, Issue 1 & 2

July, 2019

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Cass, P. (2019). REVIEW: How Fijians served Britain’s Army. Pacific Journalism Review : Te Koakoa, 25(1&2), 309-310.
Author(s): Philip Cass
Publication date: 
July, 2019

212 Soldiers for the Queen: Fijians in the British Army 1961-1997, by David Tough. West Geelong, Victoria: Barralier Book. 360pp. ISBN 9780648355212

WHEN MIKA Vuidravuwalu was asked why he enlisted in the British Army in 1961, he replied: ‘Experience, put on the British Army uniform, and fight for the red, white and blue.’ He added that his brother had served with Fijian forces against the Japanese in the Solomons. Vuidravuwaluwa was one of 212 Fijians who eagerly signed up when the British Army, short of soldiers and specialists, sought recruits from the colonies.