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Review: Noted - Journalism as a diverse and dynamic practice

Journalism Across Cultures

Volume 18, Issue 2

October, 2012

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Dodson, G. (2011). Journalism as a diverse and dynamic practice. Pacific Journalism Review, 18(2): 217-219. Review of: Journalism across cultures: An introduction, by Levi Obijiofor and Folker Hanusch. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 2011, 236 pp., ISBN 978023023609 (pbk). Also reviews of: Political Polling in Asia-Pacific, edited by Alastair Carthew and Simon Winkelmann. Singapore: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. 2011, 116pp. (pp. 219-220, reviewed by Dr Evangelia Papoutsaki); Tongan Ark [documentary film], directed by Paul Janman. Public Films, 2012. (pp. 220-221, reviewed by Karen Abplanalp).
Author(s): Karen Abplanalp, Giles Dodson, Evangelia Papoutsaki
Review of book by Levi Obijiofor and Folker Hanusch
Publication date: 
October, 2012

Journalism across cultures offers an excellent introduction for students and instructors seeking to broaden their view of international journalism practices and issues. As the authors suggest, the increasing interdependence and interconnection of our world demands a global perspective when assessing the changing dynamics of news journalism. Nonetheless, as this volume makes clear, notwithstanding the emergence of global media forms and practices, comparative journalism studies draws our attention to the ongoing contingencies of culture politics and history that continue to shape journalism around the globe.