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REVIEW: Noted: Powerful, unadulterated insight into West Papua

The Earth Cries Out cover

Volume 23, Issue 1

July, 2017

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Hutt, K. (2017). Noted: Powerful, unadulterated insight into West Papua. Pacific Journalism Review, 23(1), 277-279. doi:10.24135/pjr.v23i1.324 Review of: The Earth Cries Out, by Bonnie Etherington. Auckland: Vintage, 2017, 285 pages. ISBN 978-0-14-377065-7
Author(s): Kendall Hutt
Publication date: 
July, 2017

BONNIE ETHERINGTON'S debut novel, The Earth Cries Out, may be fiction, but it tells the true, powerful, story of West Papua, a nation separated from its Pacific brothers and sisters by Indonesian repression. The novel also serves as a useful background tool for journalists and provides them with an opportunity to learn of the human rights violations in West Papua.