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REVIEW: Noted: Refreshed digital journalism education mission needed

Volume 23, Issue 1

July, 2017

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Robie, D. (2017). Noted: Refreshed digital journalism education mission needed. Pacific Journalism Review, 23(1), 276-277. doi:10.24135/pjr.v23i1.322 Review of: Br(e)aking the News: Journalism, Politics and New Media, edited by Janey Gordon, Paul Rowinski and Gavin Stewart. Berne, Switzerland: Peter Lang AC. 2013. 308 pages. ISBN 978-3-034-3090-4-2
Author(s): David Robie
Publication date: 
July, 2017

TWO DECADES ago, United States media ecologist Neil Postman posed critical questions about the ‘mission of education’ in his book The End of Education. Detailing the failings of American education faced with encroaching corporate and managerial strategies that did not tackle the real problem—an ‘identity crisis’—he ironically heralded the coming challenges over journalism education. It has outgrown the rationales of the past.