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Tackling mass media and mass ignorance

Volume 4, Issue 1

November, 1997

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Robie, D. (1997). Tackling mass media and mass ignorance. Pacific Journalism Review, 4(1): 165-168. Review of Dateline Earth: As if the planet mattered, by Kunda Dixit. Manila: InterPress.
Author(s): David Robie
Publication date: 
November, 1997

Former Interpress regional editor Kunda Dixit's provacatively titled book Dateline Earth: Journalism As If The Planet Mattered, provides regional journalists with a timely global view that makes a mockery of dry old company balance sheets. 'Development should lead to human progress but it doesn't always' says Dixit. 'Journalists are a crucial link to the feedback loop ensuring that improvements in the quality of life can be sustained and do not permanently damage nature.'