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Truth: An institution that refused to be institutionalised

Volume 17, Issue 1

May, 2011

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Oosterman, A. (2011). Truth: An institution that refused to be institutionalised. Pacific Journalism Review, 17(1): 231-234. Review of Truth: The Rise and Fall of the People's Paper, by Redmer Yska. Nelson: Craig Potton Publishing, 2010, 204 pp. ISBN 978-1-877517-30-3.
Author(s): Allison Oosterman
Reviewed book by: Redmer Yska
Publication date: 
May, 2011

For this research Yska won a National Library Research Fellowship and he spendt 2008 reading microfiches and mouldy old hard copies of weekly in the basement of the library. He must have gnashed his teeth when a year later the library digitised early copies of the paper for PapersPost.

Yska's introduction to his work is a skillfully written and doughty defence of his old paper which acknowledges his personal interest in Truth, but convincingly encourages the reader to accept that the weekly dserves to be recognised for its impact on both journalism and New Zealand society as a whole.