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An unusual, insightful Pacific book

Volume 7, Issue 1

August, 2001

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Boden, I. (2001). An unusual, insightful Pacific book. Pacific Journalism Review, 7(1): 178-181. Review of The Pacific Journalism: A Practical Guide, edited by David Robie. Suva: University of South Pacific Journalism Programme/ USP Book Centre, and South Pacific Books.
Author(s): Ian Boden
Reviewed book edited by David Robie
Publication date: 
September, 2001

Very rarely does a book appear in the South Pacific that is generated within the region and intended for those working here. Even more unusually does a book address itself to the need of Pacific Islands journalism, to the rights of the public to be informed, and to the responsibilities and obligations of journalists. Add to that an attempt to cover not only the print media, but to address television, radio and on-line news dissemination and you have a book with the potential to become a landmark publication.