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This wheel’s on fire: New models for investigative journalism

Volume 18, Issue 1

May, 2012

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Morton, T. (2012). This wheel’s on fire: New models for investigative journalism. Pacific Journalism Review, 18(1): 13-16.
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Author(s): Tom Morton
Publication date: 
May, 2012

In the following pages of Pacific Journalism Review, the journal is publishing transcripts of Center for Investigative Journalism director Robert Rosenthal’s keynote address at the ‘Back to the Source’ investigative journalism conference in Sydney in September 2010; conference sessions in which Sue Spencer, Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie talk about their work on the Securency story; and Linton Besser and Dylan Welch of the Sydney Morning Herald describe their investigations of the New South Wales Crime Commission. Many other sessions featured at the conference; but these two transcripts give a strong sense of some of the new possibilities for investigative journalism, and of how investigative journalists practise their craft.