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Why the market can’t ensure a free press

Volume 18, Issue 2

October, 2012

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Bacon, W. Why the market can’t ensure a free press. Pacific Journalism Review, 18(2): 29-36.
Rebuilding public trust in journalism
Author(s): Wendy Bacon
Publication date: 
October, 2012

When Australia’s Independent Media Inquiry headed by ex-judge Ray Finkelstein released its report on the Australian media in February 2012, if you had been following the media discussion since then, one could not be blamed for thinking that Finkelstein wanted to create a state super cop which would seize control of the media, impose new standards on journalists, dragging every blogger and tweeter into its net. Some media have accused the inquiry report of being ‘leftist’, academic and beyond the comprehension of ordinary people. Part of the media’s job is to explain to the public what is in reports they do not have time to read so they can decide what they think. This commentary was an attempt to do that published by the independent New Matilda online magazine.