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Without fear or favour

Volume 10, Issue 1

April, 2004

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Venables, David. (2004). Without fear or favour: An open letter to my colleagues in journalism education. Pacific Journalism Review, 10(1): 231-233.
An open letter to my colleagues in journalism education:
Author(s): David Venables
Publication date: 
April, 2004

"Polytechnics have tightend up their own regimes, making their own demands of journalism teachers in terms of internal reporting procedures, restrcturings, etc. Universities have now entered the fray bigtime, i.e. the Wellington Polytechnic takeover, Auckland Institute of Technology's redesignation as Auckland University of Technology. The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) has sent a nasty shock through everyone's lives, lacing greater emphasis on increasing reasearch outputs. Rather than lessening with the years, the persssure on journalism educators has, if anything, become greater. I sometimes wonder why we do it..."