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Yumi Piksa – Developing a community-responsive way of filmmaking in Melanesia

Yumi Piksa

Volume 17, Issue 2

October, 2011

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Thomas, Verena (2011). Yumi Piksa – Developing a community-responsive way of filmmaking in Melanesia. Pacific Journalism Review, 17(2): 27-49.
Media, cultural diversity and community
Author(s): Verena Thomas
Publication date: 
October, 2011

This article explores the collaborative application of media and arts-based research practices involving students from the University of Goroka (Papua New Guinea) as co-researchers. It critically examines the processes of developing a community-responsive approach to filmmaking in order to challenge preconceived notions of media and research practice in Papua New Guinea. The analysis draws on results from a film workshop run at the University of Goroka over a duration of six weeks through which a team designed a Melanesian approach to filmmaking practice. The research study found that stereotypical perceptions and understandings of Papua New Guinea communities could be challenged by respectful and community-responsive ways of making films involving local community members. It presents filmmaking as creating a meaningful space for exploring community relations and practices. Papua New Guinean co-researchers acted to bridge dialogue between rural communities, media technologies and the national and transnational media sphere.