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Volume 25, Issue 1 & 2

The NZ mosque massacre

July, 2019

This edition of Pacific Journalism Review was planned as a double “open theme” publication. However, a core of articles has been themed around an eclectic blend of New Zealand's unprecedented atrocity of a terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch on 15 March 2019. Two recent critical votes, Fiji's second general election...

Volume 24, Issue 2

Journalism under duress in Asia-Pacific

November, 2018

PJR cover
Editors: David Robie, Philip Cass and Khairiah A. Rahman November 2 is the United Nations date that is observed globally each year to mark the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists (IDEI). To honour journalists who have died, or have been beaten, tortured or brutally gagged in defence of the truth and the public...

Volume 24, Issue 1

Disasters, cyclones and communication

July, 2018

PJR cover
Editors: David Robie, Philip Cass, Khairiah A. Rahman, Shailendra Singh, Vissia Ita Yulianto and Hermin Indah Wahyuni This edition features a range of papers about narratives of disaster, social media and emergencies and climate change. It will also feature some papers from Pacific Ocean Pacific Climate: The Second Pacific Climate Change...

Volume 23, Issue 2

Journalism education in Asia-Pacific

November, 2017

Journalism education in Asia-Pacific
PACIFIC MEDIA ADVOCACY In Samoa, during July 2015, a new era in Pacific journalism education and training advocacy was born with the establishment of the Media Educators Pacific (MEP) after a talkfest had gone on for years about the need for such a body. A draft constitution had even been floated at a journalism education conference hosted at...

Volume 23, Issue 1

Climate change in Asia-Pacific

July, 2017

Pacific Journalism Review cover 23(1) 2017
PREPARATIONS for the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn this year (COP23, from 6 to 17 November) -- co-hosted by Fiji --  are well underway and on track to deliver the infrastructure and arrangements needed for a successful meeting that can play its role in advancing the aims and ambitions of the Paris Agreement....

Volume 22, Issue 2

Journalism education in the Pacific

December, 2016

PJR 22(2)
GOOD journalism remains central to the needs of the Pacific and her people. Good journalism education is central to this issue of Pacific Journalism Review, which features a selection of papers on journalism education in the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Drawn mostly from the papers presented to the Fourth World Journalism Education...

Volume 22, Issue 1

Endangered journalists

July, 2016

PJR 22(1) Cover
RUTHLESS TIDAL WAVE THIS edition of Pacific Journalism Review began with a theme around ‘Endangered Journalists’. However, by the time it was into full editorial production it was clear that this was also about the global silence and injustice imposed on West Papua and the ‘endangered’ indigenous people in this mountainous...

Volume 21, Issue 2

Documentary practice in the Asia-Pacific

October, 2015

PJR 21(2) Cover
In New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region, particularly, there is a clear and present need for the practice of documentary in the tradition of civic activism. The following articles in this themed section explore the aesthetic and cultural dynamics of capturing popular struggles and how documentary makers respond in the field to rethink how to...

Volume 21, Issue 1

20th anniversary of Pacific Journalism Review

May, 2015

PJR 21(1) Cover
PACIFIC JOURNALISM REVIEW is far more than a research journal. As an independent publication, it has given strong support to investigative journalism, socio-political journalism, political economy of the media, photojournalism and political cartooning in its two decades of publishing, which have all been strongly reflected in the character of the...

Volume 20, Issue 2

'Failed' states and the environment

November, 2014

Pacific Journalism Review 20(2) cover
THIS is the edition marking 20 years of publication of Pacific Journalism Review, first published at the University of Papua New Guinea in 1994. The edition will be launched at the PJR conference "Political journalism in the Asia-Pacific" at AUT University in Auckland on November 27-29 and selected double peer-reviewed papers from this...