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Volume 13, Issue 2

Media and digital democracy

September, 2007

Military blamed over rash of post-coup political blogs   A senior Fiji journalist believes the military is partly responsible for the number of political blogs that have expanded the media landscape in Fiji since the fourth coup in December last year. Sophie Foster, a former deputy editor of The Fiji Times,...

Volume 13, Issue 1

Journalism Downunder

March, 2007

PJR 13_1
Journalists want changes to training and pay, NZ research shows   A survey of more than 500 New Zealand journalists has revealed marked unhappiness about levels of pay, resourcing and training. The “Big Journalism 2007” survey found that, while many individual journalists are very satisfied with...

Volume 12, Issue 2

Eco-journalism and security

September, 2006

PJR 12(2) September 2006
Anti-terror laws threaten media freedom Australia’s tough anti-terror laws have impacted strongly on the media and contrasted with more relaxed policies in New Zealand and the Pacific, says a report in the latest Pacific Journalism Review. A survey of the status of anti-terrorism legislation and the media in the region has revealed...

Volume 12, Issue 1

Contemporary gender issues

April, 2006

PJR 12(1) April 2006
This "Contemporary gender issues" edition of Pacific Journalism Review features many leading journalists and researchers. This was the first of two editions distributed this year as part of  Journalism Education of Association of New Zealand (JEANZ) membership. The edition was jointly edited by Dr Janet Bedggood and Allison...

Volume 11, Issue 2

Media ethics and accountability

September, 2005

PJR 11(2) Sept 2005 cover
Press councils and M*A*S in the Pacific The September 2005 edition of Pacific Journalism Review, published in New Zealand, is devoted to media ethics and accountability systems (M*A*S). One article, by Shailendra Singh, considers "six South Pacific island countries that have have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, self-...

Volume 11, Issue 1

Media and the Indigenous public sphere

April, 2005

PJR 11(1) May 2005 cover
One of the major conclusions of John Hartley and Alan McKee’s study is that, in the Australian media, indigenous people are central to a drama about Australian national identity. Stars rather than victims, indigenous people are caught up in a media narrative over which ‘they have little individual control, but which is nevertheless...

Volume 10, Issue 2

Media ownership and democracy

September, 2004

PJR 10_2 2004 cover
Editorial: Corporate media news , Wayne Hope Commentaries: 1. Media ownership policies: pressure for change and implications -  Steven Barnett 2. Welcome to Havana, Mr Corleone: issues of media ownership and control – Robert W. McChesney

Volume 10, Issue 1

The public right to know

April, 2004

PJR 10(1) April 2004
This special edition of Pacific Journalism Review published a selection of the papers presented at the Public Right to Know (PR2K) Conference in Sydney in October 2003. The annual PR2K conferences are a project of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ) at the University of Technology, Sydney. The 2003 conference was the third in...

Volume 9, Issue 1

Iraq and the media war

September, 2003

PJR 9 Sept 2003 cover
As many readers will know, Pacific Journalism Review was published for nine years in the Pacific – initially at the University of Papua New Guinea from November 1994, and then most recently at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. This issue marks the relocation of the journal from Suva to the School of Communication Studies, Auckland...

Volume 8, Issue 1

Foreign ownership

June, 2002

JPR 8 June 2002 cover
Contents: This edition is the fourth published at the University of the South Pacific. Articles include: THE SPEIGHT CRISIS:COUP EDITORIAL CONTENT: Analysis of the Fiji 2000 political crisis, by Lynda Duncan Both the Fiji Times and the Daily Post reinforced the colonial myth that Fijian chiefs are the rightful rulers of Fiji,...