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Commentary: The power of print remains undiminished

Volume 14, Issue 1

March, 2008

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Pankhurst, Tim. (2008). The power of print remains undiminished. Pacific Journalism Review, 14(1): 33-44.
Author(s): Tim Pankhurst
Publication date: 
April, 2008

The Dominion Post editor Tim Pankhurst, whose newspaper celebrated its centenary in 2007, outlines the innovations undertaken by his newspaper in meeting the technological challenges of the mainstream media.

"Opposite is the by now familiar face of former assistant police commissioner and former Auckland district commander Clint Rickards. He resigned in disgrace in Decemeber 2007 the day before internal police disciplinary charges were to begin against him. He had survived two rape trials and escaped being convicted of any criminal offence but there was no doubt he had brought the police into disrepute through his actions in Rotorua in the 1980s, when he admitted to engaging in group sex while on duty. At the very elast he was a sexual predator and a highly intimidating bully..."