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A century tailor-made for remembrance

Volume 14, Issue 1

March, 2008

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Samson, A. (2008). A century tailor-made for remembrance. Pacific Journalism Review, 14(1): 219-223.
Author(s): Alan Samson
Reviewed book by: Karl du Fresne

Let's be blunt. Despite mangement spin and the timeline claims of this centenary publication, Wellington-based newspaper the Dominion did not merge with its sister publication The Evening Post in the big news media shake-up of 2002. That was the year when, in a shroud of secrecy but as a suprise to no one (apart perhaps, for the timing), Wellington's afternoon paper The Evening Post gave in to everfalling circulation figures and closed. The morning paper the Dominion imaginatively renamed the Dominion Post, briefly attempted to carry its sister publication's renoun for local news via a special metro section, then reverted. Five years later and, apart from the figure-head , Dominion Post has almost disappeared from the language. The conversation of the bus, once again is have you read this morning's Dom?