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20th Anniversary of PJR Conference - November 27/29 at AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand.
Conference proceedings.  Pacific Journalism Monograph No. 4.

Special 20th Anniversary edition - 21(1)

2016 Editions:

Vol. 22, No 2, October 2016

Call for articles and commentaries:

Journalism education
in Asia-Pacific

Edition editor: Dr Philip Cass (Unitec)

Managing editor: Professor David Robie (AUT-Pacific Media Centre)

Frontline editor: Professor Wendy Bacon (ACIJ)

Reviews editor: Dr Philip Cass (Unitec)

The Fourth World Journalism Congress (WJEC) conference is being held at Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand, July 14-16, along with a JERAA/Pacific Media Centre/Media Educators Pacific day-long preconference on July 13. Papers are being sought for a special themed edition of PJR based on these and related issues, with a special focus on the Asia-Pacific region, including but not restricted to:

  • Journalism education and informed citizenry
  • Journalism education in Asia
  • Journalism education in South Pacific
  • Asia-Pacific journalism models/case studies
  • Political economy of media education
  • Journalism education freedom and independence
  • Independent student media case studies
  • Research trends in journalism
  • 21st century ethical issues in journalism
  • Innovation in journalism education
  • Interdisciplinary teaching in journalism
  • Journalism and audience 
  • Teaching journalism for mobile (multiple) platforms
  • Teaching fact checking and verification in digital age
  • Teaching transmedia storytelling
  • Teaching social media as information gathering tool
  • Quality control for/in journalism education
  • Teaching reflexivity
  • Internships: issues and challenges
  • Encouraging community engagement
  • Teaching hospitals
  • Mobile/social/user generated media and journalism
  • Teaching alternative forms of journalism
  • De-westernising journalism education

The above list is a guideline and other related topics will also be considered. Papers not presented at the WJEC conference or pre-conference can also be submitted. The journal has an unthemed section and other papers related to journalism studies, and journalism education, theory and practice will also be considered. Pacific Journalism Review is the only journalism journal from Australasia indexed by SCOPUS.

The double blind peer-reviewed journal has five main sections: Research articles, Commentaries, Frontline (journalism-as-research), Forum and Reviews.

The APA-based style guide is at:

Submissions:  |

Managing editor: Professor David Robie

Articles: up to 6000 words

Commentaries:up to 1500 to 3000 words

Frontline (journalism-as-research): up to 7000 words

Forum contributions:up to 800 words.

Reviews: up to 1500 words (Noted short reviews: 300 words). Must be commissioned by the Reviews Editor.

Submissions deadline: August 20, 2016   DEADLINE EXTENDED TO SEPTEMBER 6

Forthcoming issues of PJR:

22(1) May-July 2016: Endangered Journalists  (editors: Professor David Robie and Dr Philip Cass. Submissions deadline: January 20, 2016.

22(2) October-December 2016: Journalism education in the Asia-Pacific (editor: Dr Philip Cass). Submissions deadline: August 20, 2016  EXTENDED TO SEPTEMBER 6

23(1) May 2017: Climate change and the media (editors: Professor David Robie , Dr Shailendra Singh and  Professor Chris Nash. Submissions deadline: January 20, 2017.