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Both the Fiji Times and the Daily Post reinforced the colonial myth that Fijian chiefs are the rightful rulers of Fiji, emphasising that Fiji, and this presumably means Fijians, was not ready for a multiracial constitution.
The Daily Post's editor, Jale Moala, and news editor, Mesake Koroi disagree with the view that the sale of the nespaper is a threat to media independence. In this interview, they make a rare statement, defending the Daily Post's independence. 
'The deal is out of the ordinary. It flies so flagrantly in the face of the Government's own privatisation policy ... and Parliament was so blatantly bypassed, that it sprouts the persistent thought that there has to be much more to it than meets...
Recently the Daily Post has been the favourite whipping boy of anyone who has anything to say about anything. We get blasted in Parliament, we get blasted by the Government, we get blasted by the Opposition, we get blasted in the newspaper, we get...
'Whether the Post retains editorial independence remains to be seen. The Post's past editorial policy has supported media independence. Perhaps the first ominous sign is the Post's lack of editorial comment on the deal.'
The sale of the Daily Post and the draconian decision by a Samoan court to gag the Observer are worrying developments for the Pacific news media.  Even if the Fiji Government upholds its promise to stay out of the Daily Post's day to day activities...
Opposition parties and media groups have protested over the Fiji Government's buying of a major stake in the Daily Post, one of the country's two daily newspapers. But the Government insists that it is for the benefit of the nation. 
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