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Abstract: For anyone who has worked in another country, the journalistic ‘rules of engagement’ differ in each port. Foreign correspondents argue passionately for the freedom of the press, saying that by ‘bearing witness’ to crimes against civilians...
Essentially, the Australian media is only interested in covering the Pacific if it involves a coup, a conflict or a natural disaster. The only positive stories are primarily related to tourism. Part of this media attitude towards the Pacific stems...
'Although we are not properly constituted, the Government does listen to us. We have actually issued our first edict— telling the advertising agencies what to do and when to say it. It is rather an interesting concept.' 
'The militia men shot up the front of Dili's Hotel Mahkota. The message was clear—get out now while you can. This act was enough to trigger the vast majority of the remaining journalists to leave.' 
Pacific countries are increasingly sensitive about media coverage. Singled out for special scrutiny and criticism are the Australian and New Zealand media, which specialise in the region. An Asian perspective. 
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