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Commentary: While the media has demonstrated that it can cover global and governance issues, it neglects the potential to be a responsible partner, especially in developing countries such as Papua New Guinea and to an extent the Pacific. However,...
Discovering the "facts"— and the truth— means jouranlists must push, probe, pry, unsettle, expose, inform, and report ... and pass judgement on others. But beware of these risks. 
The most serious threat to PNG society is none other than ourselves, not some monsters from outer space or Australia! ... The deepest fear of many of us today is not that out leaders are inadequate but that they are becoming powerful beyond measure. 
The Ombudsman Commission's ability in getting results again reinforces the public's confidence in the Ombudsman office and what it stands for - standing up for the rights of individuals who would otherwise be ignored by the powers that be. 
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